Dive into a ‘Pop Symphony for Film’.


''If a tree falls in the forest but no one’s there to Instagram it, did it happen at all?''


Focusing on technology addiction in the 21st century. The mass hypnosis of a generation's pregnant pause, as we witness each character's inner spiritual stagnation and mass disconnection from society. In a digital divided society we observe the fine line between innovation and the altered state of the new social media generation. Are they disconnected from reality and in critical need of facing digital detox from an Online illuminati matrix, or are they riding the wave of the dawning of a new era?


Composed of movements depicting a trip through a VHS mix tape, into the banks of 21st century Mondo-digital technology addiction


With each scene depicting a personal quest for salvation, we follow a DJ shaman intent on oblivion through Clubland, a drifter lost in the desert looking for a purer world after escaping a violent cult, an actor reminiscing about his deceased child’s still birth, and a nymphomaniac developing pregnancy addiction. These counteract segments involving lazy, disillusioned anarchists, a homicidal preacher facing an existential crisis, and a transfigured philosopher who’s descended into the madness of a demon psyche.


All are a springboard into the hysteria of the other side, and the odyssey they all take to become reborn.


Director's Statement


For some in this world, the 21st century is proving to be a struggle when it comes to keeping a concept of reality.


In todays fame hungry culture the lack of tribal initiation in Western society has metamorphed a large number of society into 'Kidults', only interested in lower desires - (Facebook 'likes' & Twitter followers), the determination to build a better world is no longer on the agenda for most, and the decision to grow spiritually and consciously seems to have passed many by, too voyeuristic to notice.  


A generation glued evermore either to an iPhone or a computer screen.


Pregnant captures this soft world heading towards an inner black mood of technology addiction. The central idea was to create a Pop Symphony for Film, based around the ideas of the Neo-Luddist's, Anarcho-Primitivists and Trans-humanism.


Depicting these movements, alongside the inner spiritual stagnation of todays Naughtie's generations, and showcasing a new form of human being that has grown up surrounded by social media.


Mixing the rituals and beliefs of Shamanism and Pagan rites to lead you on a surreal journey.


A dangerous and poignant mixture of media blitz supermen seeps through the film's layers, leading some into madness and ego driven murder, while those fortunate enough to be 'tuned in' search for ways into becoming reborn, thus cleansing the doors of perception to the minds behind the selfie generation.